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Dashing headlong into the 20th Century we at the ISMS began to wonder what some of the strange text added to our ISMS incoming email actually meant. Further research by one of our trainees came up with the following list and definitions which will, apparently, be well known to anyone under the age of 25.

For oldies like us, when you look at most text-emoticons it's important that you turn your head 90 degrees to the left. Now you can see that the text is actually a picture!
However, some emoticons can be read as they stand, without the neck-breaking contortions. Perhaps the most well-known text emoticon is the smiley :-) 

Please submit any further contributions by email, subject: Emoticons for the elderly.

For your convenience, new entries will be inserted at the top of the list.

    emoticon meaning   emoticon meaning
    8-) cool   \~/ glass half full
    (^-_-^) Siamese cat   \_/ empty glass


    monkey face   :(¦) frog


    grin   3:8 cow


    blown away   3:8) happy cow


    wink   }:8> Spanish bull


    sad   [:-) ham radio operator


    surprised   :^) broken nose


    tickled/giggling   :-< super sad


    kiss   :-E buck-tooth


    smoking   C=:-) chef


    happy   =^.^= cat


    crying   @-}---- rose


    crying   @>;----- rose, opening with leaves


    scream   {:-) wearing a toupee


    yell   :-# wearing braces


    tongue sticking out   :-! foot in mouth


    moustache man   :*) drunk smile


    wearing a cap   :@ exclamation


    gasp   :-@ scream
    :))  big smile   :-----) long nose (Liar!)
    :))  double chin   :-))  double chin
    |-O yawning   :-.) Madonna
    :D big grin   :-($) put your money where your mouth is
    B-) smile and wearing sunglasses   (:I an egghead
    :-> biting sarcasm   :@) happy pig
    d^_^b DJ wearing head phones   <(-_-)> robot
    (`_^) Wink   8-) goofy smile or wearing glasses
    (<_>) sad   :-x lips are sealed
    (^_^) smiley   :-O very shocked or yelling
    (^o^) singing or laughing   :-& tongue tied, don't know what to say
    (;_;) crying   :-x speechless
    (@_@) bog-eyed, or drunk   :-$ confused
    *<|:-{)} Santa Claus   ':-¦ one eyebrow raised
    (|:-) wearing headband   0:-) angel
    <|:-()} clown   (^:^) Halloween pumpkin
    (^o^) owl   =:o Startled gasp
    c(-_-c) Kirby   /(^.^)\ puppy
    bunny rabbit      ☺☺ ♥
    ┴ ┴
    <*{{{<< fish   <*(((< fish


Please submit any further contributions by email, subject Text Emoticons.

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